The M&A Practice Group is a specialist group formed by members of the GGI Global Alliance AG, one of the leading global alliances of independent firms in the field of M&A, law, tax, accountancy and consultancy. All member firms are specialists in the M&A work and as a result of their alliance they are able to strengthen their network and global presence, as well as remain at the forefront of new developments.

We recognize that M&A transactions require a multi-disciplinary approach, and therefore encourage members from all different areas of expertise to actively participate in the Practice Group activities. Not just M&A boutique firms, but also tax advisors, accountancy firms, law firms, and consultancies who are regularly involved in M&A transactions, and are therefore indispensable to the Practice Group. Members meet several times a year and stay closely connected through their GGI membership, therefore being able to frequently exchange experiences, views and knowledge regarding current matters. In cross-border transactions, the members are able to rapidly assemble a team of suitable advisors from different fields and/or countries in order to ensure the highest quality services for their clients.

With a global alliance of well-established firms specialised in M&A work and advisory, the GGI M&A Practice Group is able to provide solutions for even the most complex M&A transactions worldwide. If you require the assistance of one of our member firms for an M&A related matter, please contact us.

Membership to the M&A Practice Group is open to all GGI members. For more information about GGI, click here.