The GGI M&A Practice Group was founded to provide GGI members with a tool to further strengthen communication with fellow members that are active in the field of M&A work and advisory with the purpose of better serving their clients. The activities and events of the Practice Group are aimed at:

  • providing potential clients with access to a large global alliance of reliable, independent M&A advisory firms;

  • exchanging ideas, experiences and views between members to better assist (cross-border) clients in solving issues;

  • connecting globally with other independent firms to stay updated on current and developing international and/or local matters;

  • sharing knowledge to cross-pollinate ideas among members with the purpose of professional learning;

  • staying informed about news and developments and gaining insight into specialised issues.

The website offers its members the opportunity to display their expertise and competence, share knowledge and exchange details and information concerning international buy and sale mandates.