Cross-border M&A

With the rise of globalisation the market for cross-border M&A deals has opened up, offering companies countless opportunities to expand abroad. Mergers and acquisitions can help a company grow rapidly in its own sector or location, but by expanding horizons and looking across borders, entrepreneurs get access to entirely new markets and possibilities for growth.

Still many enterprises remain reluctant to try their luck abroad, hindered by the complex nature of cross-border M&A. Without local knowledge and contacts, venturing abroad will prove to be difficult and not without obstacles. In order to succeed, it is important to familiarise yourself with local rules and regulations and create a local network of people you can rely on, especially if you work independently.

GGI gives its members instant access to a reliable alliance of independent firms worldwide, thereby providing them with the perfect stepping stone for doing business on a global scale. Moreover, the GGI M&A Practice Group encourages members to exchange important industry information from their region, so you can choose to stay updated on local news that applies to your foreign transactions.