The M&A deal market is a fast-pace, continuously changing environment, which makes it exciting but also unpredictable. The success of a deal increases when the number of buyers and sellers are highest. Expanding your market by doing business abroad is likely to increase your chance of success and helps you keep your competitive edge. Reasons to engage in mid-market cross border M&A transactions are:

  • be able to offer your client more possibilities;
  • get access to businesses/technologies/skills that are not available locally;
  • have a competitive advantage compared to local players;
  • broaden your knowledge more quickly by taking on more complex assignments (dealing with foreign policies/regulations/culture);
  • pursue a larger deal flow by internationally expanding your network.

Before engaging in cross-border transactions it is important to consider in the foreign culture and to take note of local rules and regulations. There is no better way to do this then to have someone locally to assist you and to introduce you to the relevant issues. The GGI M&A Practice Group brings together independent M&A professionals from all over the world to enable this to happen quickly and efficiently with sources you can rely on.