Globalisation is forcing entrepreneurs to explore opportunities abroad. To stay competitive, you may have to outsource to reduce costs, enter new markets abroad or introduce foreign technology and/or skills to your business. Mergers and acquisitions are commonly the quickest approach to achieving results. The advantages of cross-border M&A are numerous:

  • gain market share quickly;
  • create synergies which cannot be found locally;
  • increase meaningful market presence internationally;
  • enter new markets which cannot be found locally;
  • acquire foreign technologies/skills/human capital;
  • expand your global footprint to gain scale;
  • acquire attractive assets and trademarks at a better price;
  • realise cost efficiencies with larger scale and/or lower labour costs;
  • diversify your business and reduce competition.

Cross-border M&A can also be rewarding for company owners that are looking to sell, since foreign buyers often place a higher value on the opportunity to acquire local presence. Especially for small and medium sized companies it is important to use experienced advisors throughout the process to minimise risks. They can help you find suitable targets abroad, negotiate prices and financing and execute the transaction in a smooth and timely manner.

All GGI member firms are selected based on their high quality services and integrity and can offer you a wide range of disciplines in the field of M&A. We specialise in mid-market deals and can provide you with personal attention and reliable services all over the globe. For more information, please refer to our member firms.