GGI is aware that an M&A transaction requires many different kinds of expertise throughout the course of the process, and therefore aims to include member firms from all disciplines and specialisations to join and actively participate in the M&A Practice Group. The breadth of expertise not only allows us to obtain more specialised information on M&A related topics, but also to simplify the assembling of cross-border deal teams. GGI encourages intense networking amongst its members to build personal relationships with fellow members and get to know their qualities and expertise. In cross-border transactions, they are able to quickly assemble a team of suitable advisors from different fields and/or countries in order to ensure the best results for their clients. Currently, our M&A expert group consists of members with the following specialisations:

For a complete overview of all our M&A Practice Group members worldwide, please refer to our member firms

If you are a GGI member firm and are considered an expert in your field of M&A related services, please contact our Global Chairman, Tim van der Meer, to join our M&A Practice Group.