Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I become a member of the M&A Practice Group?

All GGI members who are recognised leaders in providing M&A advisory services can join the group. Interested GGI members can contact Mr. Tim van der Meer, Global Chairman of the group, for further information.

How much does it cost to join the M&A Practice Group?

GGI does not request an additional fee for membership of the M&A Practice Group; the annual GGI membership fee covers the costs.

How frequent do the practice group members meet?

M&A Practice Group meetings are scheduled in combination with GGI’s (world and regional) conferences to keep travel time and expenses to a minimum. In addition to approximately five in-person meetings annually, we organise web conferences that allow us to stay in close contact and work on the same documents simultaneously.

How are the high quality standards ensured?

GGI understands that the key to a successful and reliable business network is the careful selection of its members. Therefore, all potential GGI members will be met in person and are admitted only after substantial due diligence.

How are cross-border transactions teams put together in a successful and efficient manner?

GGI encourages intensive networking between its members during events, through web conferencing and this website. By constantly exchanging experiences, views and knowledge, M&A Practice Group members are aware of their fellow members’ characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, negotiation strategies, etc. This personal connection allows members to successfully assemble a team that will fully meet the client’s needs.

What distinguishes the GGI M&A Practice Group from other professional M&A networks?

The global reach, multidisciplinary approach and independency of its members is what sets GGI M&A Practice Group apart from other associations. GGI members are entrepreneurs who fully understand the industry and have strong personal ties with their clients. By connecting with similar firms around the world, they get reliable access to a local network and knowledge. Additionally, they have the opportunity to connect with fellow members from a wide range of other disciplines so they can offer their clients well-rounded advisory services.

What are the advantages for clients?

In comparison to larger corporations and alliances, our members are entrepreneurs of independent, well-established firms with a unique understanding of local regulatory requirements and a strong international network. Due to their size and independency, they value the personal touch and offer you:

  • swift and smart decision-making;
  • pragmatic conduct;
  • clear structures;
  • services tailored to your individual needs.
All GGI members are leaders in their field, employing the best-trained masterminds of the industry who deliver first-rate results.

What are the advantages for Practice Group members?

M&A Practice Group membership further strengthens the connection with fellow GGI member firms, allowing you to better serve your clients. You will stay at the forefront of all industry developments and personally connect to a worldwide network of like-minded professionals that are able to assist in cross-border transactions. Group members are also encouraged to attend regular meetings where, next to professional training, they will benefit from exchanging views, knowledge and experiences with fellow Practice Group members.